The Name field sometimes gets returned in by wmic for most queries without being specified. It seems to be OS version dependent.
We recommend always specifying if it in the the WMI Class it to make sure queries are OS version independent
Sometimes the Name field contains | – see info on dataregex field to fix this if needed

For some queries you might add some thing like “WHERE Name=”{_arg1}”
When the query is run, {_arg1} is replace with the value of ARG1
Available substitutions are {_arg1} {_arg2} {_arg3} {_arg4} this will allow you to select a specific returned row when multiple are returned.

This sample does not use it but you will find others in the predefined ini files that do
query=Select Name,FreePhysicalMemory,TotalVisibleMemorySize,RegisteredUser,ServicePackMajorVersion,NumberOfProcesses,WindowsDirectory,NumberOfUsers,MaxNumberOfProcesses From Win32_OperatingSystem