Other Software

Here’s some other software (some related and some not) that we find useful.


Zenoss WMI Source v1.3.14 3.81 MB 1135 downloads


check iftraffic 10.30 KB 2975 downloads

A Perl plugin that is used to monitor bandwidth utilisation by SNMP. You need the...

Wmi Explorer Powershell 9.90 KB 1333 downloads

This is a PowerShell-based WMI Explorer tool created by Marc van Orsouw ...

WMI Explorer v2.0 223.09 KB 1779 downloads

WMI Explorer is a utility intended to provide the ability to browse and view WMI...

WMI Connection Tester 135.70 KB 1874 downloads

Windows executable that us useful for testing WMI connections ...