A Minimal Sample


This sample shows a very minimalistic check. It includes the minimum ini fields to make the check usable - inihelp, query and display.
This is not a very useful check in itself.

Ini File Content: 

# eg to run this minimal check which belongs the sample group # -m sample -s minimal [sample minimal] # this help is displayed only when -m MODE or -m MODE -s SUBMODE are specified AND --inihelp is used on the command line inihelp=<<EOT Help for a sample check that specifies only a minimal amount of configuration in the ini File. This sample simply displays the Name of the Operating System and Service Pack version It has no warning/critical specification and provides no performance data EOT query=Select * From Win32_OperatingSystem # the first display field is the standard one we use for the core plugin checks. It includes the status of the check and what triggered a warning/critical state (if any) display=_DisplayMsg||~|~| - || display=Caption display=CSDVersion||~|~|||