Posting Guidelines

This is a list of current guidelines. These are designed to make it easy for others to find and use your input.
Other things I have not yet thought of will be added later - as people submit listings.

Submitted ini files must be approved before they will be listed.

You Title should be:

  • A short meaningful name that conveys some understanding of what the Ini file contains

Your Description should include:

  • A concise overview of the check(s)
  • If you list a check that checks something that some people might not understand then you should explain it. For example, if you are checking the SQL Latchwaitspersec value, you would probably need to put a basic explanation of what a latch wait is.
  • Information on the parameters required to use the check(s)

Your Description can include:

  • If not all the appropriate categories are available (at the bottom of the listing page) then you should include a list of categories that actually apply to this check. List them as the first item in the description prefixed by "NEW CATEGORIES:". This will help us make your listing easy to find.
  • Example check usage
  • Example check output

Posted Ini Files should:

  • Use well thought out [section names], using either the format [MODE] or [MODE SUBMODE]. I'd like to see all Exchange related checks with a mode of checkexchange and then an appropriate SUBMODE, all SQL checks with a mode of checksql etc. Note that MODE and SUBMODE directly relate to how the check is accessed at the plugin command line ie -m MODE or -m MODE -s SUBMODE
  • be well laid out and clear to read. Use blank lines and comments.
  • be of practical use. There is not much point in doing a check of where Window is installed to. That's not going to change very often.
  • have been tested to work.
  • group of similar checks. This will make it easier for others to find your listing. For example, if you have 2 checks and they are totally different (one is for Exchange and the other is for a SQL performance value), then these should be placed in 2 separate listings. The reason for this is that the categories will not be able to accurately reflect the listed content.

Posted Ini Files can:

  • Include multiple checks (or [sections]), but you should mention all of them in your description
  • Include only single checks ie only a single [MODE] or [MODE SUBMODE].