Planned Enhancements

If you have any suggestions for features/changes or find bugs please read this FAQ article and this one and then let me know.

These are some of the things I have thought about myself (or collected from others) -

  • Perform generic variable driven WMI queries. This is probably doable using the existing versions. Gathering requirements.
  • add checkisa etc including some version specific checks, if any. This will probably use the ini file I am planning since there are so many checks. This will allow users to configure their own checks and share them with each other easily.
  • Specifying \n in createlist in an ini file does not interpret \n on the command line. It works ok in Nagios output.
  • Be able to specify checks on the command line. This has some challenges and limitations, since there is a lot to specify to make a check work. From Helmut Schneider.
  • when multiple rows are returned we can display them and have unique performance data per row, but we can only test warn/crit states if ANY of the rows meet the criteria. Add ability to check a SPECIFIC row eg if for checkio logical we can only check _DiskReadsPersec=10 for any drives but we might want to be able to check _DiskReadsPersec=10 for C:, _DiskReadsPersec=20 for D: etc. The work-around for this at the moment is to have multiple Nagios checks.
  • As users post useful ini file entries I will include some of them in the release version of the ini file
  • Other things users suggest
  • Other things I think of ......